Wooden wool
Wooden wool is a natural packaging and bedding material made of dried wood shavings.
Environmentally friendly packaging product.
100% consists of natural wood, without impregnation.

*A filler when packing expensive alcohol products - champagne, cognac, whiskey.
*Packaging of handmade products, eco products.
*Registration of exclusive corporate gifts.
*Sending parcels with a fragile valuable cargo - porcelain dishes, statuettes.
*Registration of bouquets, flower compositions.
*Filling souvenir sachets, decorative pads.
*Packaging of confectionery handmade - souvenir gingerbread, chocolate figurines.
*Replacement of sisal (sisal fibers).
*Padding. Used in handmade when making soft toys.
*Decorative or souvenir decoration.
*Excellent packaging option for fruit with a delicate coating.
*Filler for baskets and boxes.
*Litter for domestic animals-hamsters, domestic mice and rats, guinea pigs, etc.
*An excellent option for seasonal decoration of shop windows.

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